Prior to driving our Supercars a track registration and indemnity form must be completed. The following details what is contained within the document.

  • I am familiar with the nature of the activity I wish to undertake and I accept that, despite Supercar Gran Canaria and Circuito Maspalomas taking all reasonable precautions, damage or injury may occur. I accept these risks and take part in the activity at my own risk.
  • I agree to exonerate Supercar Gran Canaria and Circuito Maspalomas their officials, servants, representatives or agents, the owners of the land and other persons using the facility, from and against all actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect of death and bodily injury to the property or myself or my passenger however caused, arising out of or in conjunction with participation in practice and not withstanding that the same may have been contributed to or occasions by the negligence of the said bodies, persons, their officials and servants, representatives or agents.
  • I am competent to take part, I am not taking any drugs and have not consumed alcohol within the last 12 hours (I agree to take a breath test if required) and I do not suffer from, and have no history of any medical condition that could affect my ability to take part in this driving experience.
  • I confirm that I am 16 years old or over. I am participating under the strict understanding that I must obey any directions given by an instructor and that I may be responsible for accidental or intended damage up to 2500€.
  • I will promptly comply with with the instructions and directions given by the organisers and instructors and any other representative of Supercar Gran Canaria at all times whilst attending the event. In the interests of safety the organisers or instructors may exclude me from further participation in the activity if they think that I am driving recklessly or dangerously. I am aware that other participants will be on the track at the same time as me.
  • A Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) of 25€ can be purchased that exonerates the driver from being liable for up to 2500€ excess. Alternatively a card pre-authorisation will be required.
  • A personal accident insurance policy can also be purchased for your peace of mind during your experience (Not Obligatory)
  • Performance Driving can be dangerous and may involve injury or death.